The steel fist of the Blitzkrieg

Auteur: Vincent Dumas

ISBN: 9789464628647
Soort boek: Paperback / softback
Aantal pagina's: 108
Publicatie datum: 12-09-2022
Prijs: € 16.95

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The steel fist of the Blitzkrieg

The 1st Panzer Division was an elite unit in the German army. This division was one of the core divisions that conquered Europe for Nazi Germany. This book highlights the “Blitzkrieg” days of the division, running from September 1939 (the invasion of Poland) to the battle of Moscow in 1941, where the German advance finally came to a halt. The history of the 1st Panzer Division shows in detail what the concept of ‘Blitzkrieg’ meant for a mobile division at the time. It is the history of a spectacular advance, and a tragic end at the gates of the Russian capital.

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